Yehliu: Visit the Hoodoos at the Geopark

By | January 17, 2014

Yehliu is an amazing place featuring geological formations called ‘hoodoos’. These are formed when a softer rock is topped by harder rock. The softer rock is slowly eroded leaving unusual rock formations. They are unique in Taiwan and attract visitors from all over Asia.

Today’s adventure was to Yehliu Geological Park which is located just outside Keelung near Wanli Township. I’ll let the pictures tell you what’s special about this place!


A ship anchored outside Keelung seems to float in the sky!


A view of Yeliu Township from the park.


These odd sculptures are the result of the interactions of nature. They look like huge mushrooms but there are dozens of them, formed by the processes of erosion on the sandstone leaving the carbonated surface tottering on an ever thinning tower of sandstone. There are many that resemble recognizable objects.


A small Chinese style bridge that shows the setting sun just behind.


The Famous Queen’s Head.


The New York Steak: Sizzled on the Barbie!


The usual suspects. Enjoy.