You will find everything published by Kenneth right here from Articles to PDFs or Ebooks and Photographs. Details to follow.


This lists recent articles by Kenneth Dickson.


Take a Shot at Photowalkers! Discover Taipei and Learn Photography Together,” published in Centered on Taipei, October 2016. Text and pictures.


How to Survive Dining Out in Taipei: Twelve Tips for the Festive Season” published in Centered on Taipei, December 2016. Text and pictures.

A Jolt of Coffee – Taipei’s Riding the Third Wave for Coffee“, published in Centered on Taipei, February, 2017. Text and many pictures.


E-book written for my coffee website in 2015.


For the Love of Iced Coffee” e-book published at PurelyCoffeeBeans.com, 2016.

Blog Columns

Published on my personal blog columns.

Indian Coffee: Have you ever tasted coffee from India? It’s a whole new bean,” article and interview, republished in August, 2015. Text and pictures.

Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine,” column published in January, 2008. Text only.


You can also find some photographs in those articles, as well as here.