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Taiwan Blog: A list of the best sites about Taiwan. Looking for the best Taiwan blog? This list of Taiwan Websites and Blogs should help.

Well, readers, I’ve been a member of Forumosa for absolute ages, since the Segue days. It’s been a great community with lots of information, support and interaction about a huge number of topics. You can usually find me on the community with postings in Technology, Business and a few other forums. Many of the contributors are locally based… Read More »

The View from Taiwan: Michael Turton’s Blog

Michael Turton’s blog is one of the most outstanding blogs on Taiwan life, politics and more. Though he maintains several sites, I’ve only linked to the Blogspot site. I do love what he’s doing. Take a look for yourself. I’ll be adding more sites to add to this resource page, and hope that you enjoy the sites I… Read More »

Taiwanese Secrets: Taiwan Websites & Resources

It’s rare that I come across a website that I love, but yesterday, while I was browsing some travel-related sites, I happened across Taiwanese Secrets. It’s a very informative site about Taiwan, and although it’s just been around a short time, I love the way it’s written! It’s not done in a blog format, though in some sense,… Read More »