Taiwan Startups $400 Million for New Businesses & Products

By | June 2, 2014

Just saw this story on Bloomberg:


Taiwan Plans $400 Million Startup Fund to Drive Post-PC Tech

Taiwan will open a fund with about $400 million to invest in startups to diversify the economy as its computer and electronic industries struggle amid greater competition.

On the practical side of things,I came across an actual symposium that explains what Taipei City is doing in this sphere.

In order to stimulate industrial development and encourage foreign investment in Taipei, Taipei City Government is offering subsidies for: Job Training Programs; New hired employee’s payroll; Rental Subsidy for providing for the assets located within the city; Interest payments; and R&D. This time we have invited a panel of previous incentive recipients to discuss their experiences with our guests. We warmly welcome foreign investors to join us in learning about the resources available through the Project of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry!

Furthermore, we will be introducing the upcoming ‘Smile Taipei Investment Association’. Smile Taipei is looking for entrepreneurial individuals to join our community to share and learn about startups, living, culture, and technology in Taipei. We will schedule enterprise visits and catalyze the oppertunities of industrial cooperation.

June 18th, they are holding a symposium in Taipei City. For more information & registration, please click Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry Symposium

If you remember how many of Taiwan’s early generation of current industrial giants got started, it was through opportunities and license auctions. So this could be your chance for riches in Taiwan & China.