Taiwan North Coast: Day Trips from Taiwan

By | December 17, 2013

My favorite travel destination: in short. Take a look at one of my photos from the Taiwan North Coast and you’ll see why.

 North East Coast Lighthouse Scenery 3,
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Thought you’d enjoy a mid-week post from Taiwan. A shot taken on my my Nokia N79 that turned out quite nice. It was taken on the North East Coast Near the Fuji Harbor Lighthouse overlooking the sea. Enjoy the photo then read about some of my favorite places on the North Coast!

I love the North East Coast of Taiwan: the stretch that runs from past Sanchih all the way to Yehliou.

It reflects so much of the scenery of Taiwan: the Pacific ocean to the north and east, the mountains in the backdrop, the green colors from the fields and natural fauna around Lao Mei, the harbor of Fuji with its traditional ocean cuisine, and the magnificent hoodoo stones of Yehliou.

Of course, no scenery is complete with a visit to the old street of Jingshan Township where you can try the many dishes at the local temple, some delicious traditional desserts from the vendors or even some ginger tea, famous for preventing coughs and flu.

No trip to that area is complete without a stop to my favorite coffee shop in all of Taiwan, Young Door Coffee shop on route 2 for Cappucino. I don’t stop at the coffee vans, since most of the time it’s not worth it. But the coffee vans are a unique feature of the area.

Taiwan North Coast’s a great trip: lots of exciting things to see, lots to explore, and taste. Good place to go for a day trip.