Taiwan News: Headlines, stories and more

By | January 16, 2014

If you’re interested in following Taiwan news, I’ve created a special News page for Taiwan mostly because I can’t bear all the bickering between left and right, blue and green, …

Much of the idiocy is played out in the newspapers (esp. the English press) which are lackeys for whichever political party they support. China Post is largely blue/KMT party; while Taipei Times is green/DPP focused.



So if you are interested in getting news from many sources, check out the link or click on the image to read the latest news. It’s a good read, and you should find the variety of resources interesting and stimulating!

You can also find a culled list of some of these resources below. The links take you to the articles themselves, not here.

Welcome to the latest news about Taiwan. These feeds for news about Taiwan, including China Relations, Business, Politics & Society Headlines from The Taipei Times, The China Post, The Want China Times, & Commonwealth Magazine.