Taiwan Flowers

By | December 17, 2013

Taiwan Flowers: A Sunday Trip to the Flower Market

Taipei is an interesting city in many ways. One of the aspects that fascinates me is how every weekend Taiwan flowers can be seen in the local flower markets. There are a variety of flower markets all over the city.

Today Christine asked me to take her to the flower market in Shihpai because she wanted to buy some flowers and plants for her balcony. The stores are situated in a small business block, and each of the stores has a different variety of flowers, plants and tools. It’s quite busy on a Sunday, but always interesting to visit.

So while she shopped, I snapped some pictures. I’m going to digress and publish these photos here because I had fun. And the flowers were beautiful. So here goes.






Hope you enjoyed the flowers from our Sunday trip. Inspiring! Right? Don’t worry: it’s cold now but spring is coming!