Taiwan Coffee Culture

By | December 17, 2013

This drink is perhaps my favorite Taiwan coffee in all of Taiwan, a place called YoungDoor, near Jingshan on the North East Coast. They really do make good cappuccinos. For more information on YoungDoor, check out this post in Chinese. Great pictures, too. perfect cappuccino

You’ll appreciate the decor of the place, in its Mediterranean style, with lots of white walls and blue accents throughout. With its location right beside the sea, I can’t help think some copper tile with sea themes or ocean animals placed around the counter area would help to add extra ambience to the whole atmosphere.

In fact, the whole mediterranean theme has been done and redone all along the coast as new restaurants open up. The North East Coast is a very attractive place for Taipei City dwellers, it’s near, the weather’s usually milder than Taipei in the summer, and there are beaches all over the place. If you have a motorcycle or a car, access is relatively easy, but there is a fairly frequent bus service, too.