Taipei City Walks

By | December 17, 2013


Taipei City Walks

Somehow that weekend we ended up getting a lot of fresh air in our (ir)regular Taipei City Walks.

On Saturday, we walked around the fringes of Zhuwei up mountain roads, along past farms, through a University campus, stopped for a nice meal, and took a subway train home!

It’s kind of our monthly ritual these days… Anyway, let’s go… Those strolls … wow! They really tire you out!

100 2115

Let me take a rest now!

100 1809

You can guess the story on the front cover!

100 1814

A view of Taipei looking up the river early evening.

100 1369

Then on Sunday, we visited the North East Coastal Tourist Areas… 100 1795

This is very near a village called LaoMei in Sanchih/Jingshan area. 100 1317

As usual, Christine is setting the pace. 100 0926

I think she’s saying hurry up!

100 0930

And that’s it for Sunday! These pictures were taken over a number of walks, and composited together as I stupidly forgot to take my camera! Though composited, they capture nicely the essence of our walks over the weekend!