By | December 20, 2013

When compared to other traditional Asian shopping destinations, Taipei never comes first for choice, for service or for price. That said, shopping can be a delightful and enjoyable experience, if you:

Take a practical attitude

When you go shopping for clothes or shoes, most sizes are suited for Asian shoppers who tend to be smaller in a number of important measurements. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you will run into this issue if you are buying things to wear. Unless you’re a typical size, just don’t bother trying to find outsize clothes here… it will be difficult. Of course, if you’re thinner, shorter, lighter… you could be in clothes heaven!

Enjoy shopping anyway

Shopping is an important insight to local preferences, whether you visit a supermarket, night market or wherever locals shop. If you do Japanese ‘cute’, enjoy Japanese anime/comics, or love Japanese brands,  (let’s face it, who hasn’t oogled the million’n’1 toys & products you can find in Hands Tailung stores), you’ll find plenty to keep you going here.

For Choice

Taipei has lots of places that you can go shopping and exploring: from the morning markets that sell mostly every day products to the high-end department stores in the East District. There are any number of places to check out, buy trinkets & souvenirs, try delicious & weird food, or simply watch life go by (should I say, ‘go buy’?).

But for European or American travelers it’s hard to know what you can buy here that you can’t buy cheaper at home (even after the rip-off VAT/Excise taxes that burden many ‘developed’ countries).


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