Happy 2014! Welcome to Taipei City!

Bringing in the New Year in Taipei! All 218 seconds of it! And the great thing about New Year here? We have two of them! So if your New Year’s Resolutions have all fallen flat by January 5th,  you still have a second chance when Chinese New Year comes! And this year’s is only a couple of weeks… Read More »

Pictures of the North Coast of Taiwan

My wife and I have always enjoyed taking pictures with our assorted cameras, though I would hardly consider myself decent as a photographer. In fact, as we speak, she is sorting through our thousands of photographs and adding them to some photo frames that we never used… It reminded me of the hundreds of photos, negatives, and digi-images… Read More »

Freezing My Hands Off, and it’s only 12C!

While we don’t live in a polar or even a particularly cold climate, here in Taiwan, there are still times when we need mitts, scarves, woolly vests, and perhaps even an electric blanket to keep us warm. Taiwan’s climate is generally mild, and houses are constructed with two parameters in mind: staying up and staying coolish. There are… Read More »

Making Mantow in Taipei

We made these steamed buns this weekend, all sorts of shapes. We’re getting better now: proving times, better mixture of ingredients, and we added pumpkin so they are very seasonal! Kenneth

May Snow: Taiwan Nature Photo

May Snow: Taiwan Nature Photo, originally uploaded by obblogatory. Lovely photo: Look at the Snow in May. It’s common around some areas of Taiwan.

Whose Books: My favorite second hand bookshop in Taipei

I really like this store: lots of good books available in Chinese, English, French and Japanese. I usually raid them for quality children’s books. There are two stores, but the one near Taida University has a little coffee shop, though it is a little hard to find! But it is near a night market, too!

The Leaping Lady

P1040582, originally uploaded by TaipeiCityGuide.com. I thought I’d share this picture from a wonderful vacation we had! She looks like she’s about to take off!