Night Markets In Taiwan

Many countries have traditions of local markets, indeed. But I don’t think there are many countries that celebrate local life like the markets in Taiwan. They are a large part of life here, and there are many different markets. Typical markets, though, are the morning markets which sell staple items: food, clothes, etc. and are typically open in… Read More »

Life in Toronto: Best Travel Websites Around the World

Life in Toronto Fancy taking a trip to Toronto? There’s lots of great things to see and do in the cultural capital of modern Canada, and it’s a great place to live, too! Check out Life in Toronto, a website for visitors, expats and locals, too, which intends to help you get the most out of living, working… Read More »

Pizzeria Oggi: Tienmu & Minquan East Road, Taipei

Great place to have pizza, salad & some other dishes! Good handmade pizza, if a little pricy. Location: TEL:02-2834-3886台北市士林區德行西路19號No.19, Dexing W. Rd, Shilin Dist, Taipei City 111 Taiwan

Forkers: Western Style Burgers, too

We didn’t manage to take any photographs of our burgers, but today we went to a restaurant with over 80 kinds of hand made burgers, including a few very original creations. Served with delicious fries, salad and a drink, the prices are VERY reasonable. Less than US$10 for a full burger meal set. can be found… Read More »

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan High Speed Rail Christine is sitting on the Taiwan High Speed Rail eagerly clutching her ticket, as we await departure from Taipei on the 11:00 express to Kaohsiung. It only stops a couple of times, and we arrive in Kaohsiung Zuoying Station on time in only 1 hour 36 minutes. Inside the train the coaches are wide, fairly comfortable… Read More »

Taiwan Markets Looking For Something To Eat

Taiwan Markets: Looking for something delightful or different to eat? I described how you can find a lot of good food in the Taiwan Markets, Taiwan certainly has plenty of local night markets. Though I wondered how much money local vendors can make running a stall or store in one night market . But I didn’t do much… Read More »

Happy 2014! Welcome to Taipei City!

Bringing in the New Year in Taipei! All 218 seconds of it! And the great thing about New Year here? We have two of them! So if your New Year’s Resolutions have all fallen flat by January 5th,  you still have a second chance when Chinese New Year comes! And this year’s is only a couple of weeks… Read More »

Pictures of the North Coast of Taiwan

My wife and I have always enjoyed taking pictures with our assorted cameras, though I would hardly consider myself decent as a photographer. In fact, as we speak, she is sorting through our thousands of photographs and adding them to some photo frames that we never used… It reminded me of the hundreds of photos, negatives, and digi-images… Read More »