The View from Taiwan: Michael Turton’s Blog

Michael Turton’s blog is one of the most outstanding blogs on Taiwan life, politics and more. Though he maintains several sites, I’ve only linked to the Blogspot site. I do love what he’s doing. Take a look for yourself. I’ll be adding more sites to add to this resource page, and hope that you enjoy the sites I… Read More »

Taiwanese Secrets: Taiwan Websites & Resources

It’s rare that I come across a website that I love, but yesterday, while I was browsing some travel-related sites, I happened across Taiwanese Secrets. It’s a very informative site about Taiwan, and although it’s just been around a short time, I love the way it’s written! It’s not done in a blog format, though in some sense,… Read More »

CraigFergusonImages: Best Travel Websites Around The World

About: Craig Ferguson is a professional photographer in Taiwan working in travel photography, cultural photography and environmental photography. In 2006, Craig contacted me about helping him host his website & gallery. With the changes at Flickr, this is looking like a smart move on his part… esp. if Microsoft get their hands on Flickr. They’ll surely kill it,… Read More »


Down by the river, this panorama was taken later jn the day.

Picasa: Lomo view of Neihu Lake Sunset.

I was lucky enough to catch this image … with a touch of editing, courtesy of Google’s Picasa, and adding a lomo view, voila! I may bitch about Google’s Search Engine, from time to time, but their other tools are quite decent.

Life in Toronto: Best Travel Websites Around the World

Life in Toronto Fancy taking a trip to Toronto? There’s lots of great things to see and do in the cultural capital of modern Canada, and it’s a great place to live, too! Check out Life in Toronto, a website for visitors, expats and locals, too, which intends to help you get the most out of living, working… Read More »

Pizzeria Oggi: Tienmu & Minquan East Road, Taipei

Great place to have pizza, salad & some other dishes! Good handmade pizza, if a little pricy. Location: TEL:02-2834-3886台北市士林區德行西路19號No.19, Dexing W. Rd, Shilin Dist, Taipei City 111 Taiwan

Forkers: Western Style Burgers, too

We didn’t manage to take any photographs of our burgers, but today we went to a restaurant with over 80 kinds of hand made burgers, including a few very original creations. Served with delicious fries, salad and a drink, the prices are VERY reasonable. Less than US$10 for a full burger meal set. can be found… Read More »