Department Stores in Taipei

Department stores have really grown in size, scale & location in Taipei over the past few years. However, the style of department store follows pretty much the Japanese model. This article shares the best ten locations in Taipei. 1. Taipei Station In the Taipei Station area, there are only a few department stores. Most notably is the tallest… Read More »

Interview: Craig Ferguson Images’ New Ebook Launch

Welcome to our series of interviews with Taiwan residents who are doing interesting things here! Perhaps you’ll meet some of them around town. This is the first of the planned series, let me know if you’d like to do an interview in the same vein. Today’s Interview: Craig Ferguson – Photographer I’m delighted to introduce an erst-while resident… Read More »

Earthquake Taipei

Unusually but we had a small quake right in the middle of Taipei, underneath the National Park of Yang Ming Mountain. Not a big one, but less common. Don’t be scared!

#4: DayDream for Students!

This picture was taken in BitouChao, near Keelung today. I really think students can be forgiven if they look out their windows during class at this school, don’t you?

Review: Tokyo Top Guide

Came across this site when I was looking for sites related to Taiwan. It’s an interesting site with lots of information for those who want to travel to Japan, and are interested in visiting Tokyo.

#2: Buddha @ the Altar

This statue’s picture was taken from my mother-in-law’s altar at home. It’s quite a lovely statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower. The color is rich, and the workmanship is attractive! Quite lovely.