Spending Money for the Public Good: Yet another sign of excess?

On January 18th, the local government issued some vouchers to all permanent residents and locals in Taiwan. These vouchers amounted to NT$3600 (about US$107) for every man, woman and child on the island. For some families, it was quite a big windfall, but for most it isn’t. The money is in the form of a coupon or voucher… Read More »

When blogging and traveling: five tips for bloggers on the move!

I’ve been away, ’tis true. This is the sole reason I haven’t maintained a healthy posting schedule, and for that, dear readers, I’m surely sorry. When traveling in the UK (my home country), I was pleased often to find hotels that offered various forms of broadband or wifi. During my stay, I stayed with friends, small inns, student… Read More »

Sundays in Taiwan: The Photos

Ever been to FooLong Beach near Keelung! It’s probably the most tropical beach in Northern Taiwan: clean, wide open sands, sea sports, clean, …, oh, and did I say clean? We took some wonderful sunset pictures. And looking in the other direction. Oh, and the water really had that glassy effect. This isn’t added by Photoshop or any… Read More »

Fine Blogging: it’s time for a little ‘sizzle’

One of the most common questions that new bloggers ask when they start blogging is: what am I going to write? Such an easy question doesn’t necessarily imply an easy answer as most bloggers are still trying to find their feet when they start. There are a lot of tasks that need mastering. For those who are starting… Read More »