Guess the picture: Where in Taiwan?

Updated: Competition – Win a FREE Review! This snap was taken from outside the window of a building in Taichung City. Can you guess which floor it was taken from? The answer lies between 1st and 101st. Guess correctly, and I’ll publish on InvestorBlogger dot com a full review of your website within 7 days. Answers by Sunday… Read More »

Panasonic, Prada and Perspectives: Change isn’t that hard, is it?

Flower shopping: a whole new world view!  Just yesterday, I went with Christine to a flower market in Taipei. This is something I normally hate doing, but this time something twigged: I may not appreciate the enjoyment and satisfaction she has from growing and keeping plants, but I could enjoy another aspect that I already knew about –… Read More »

Did this drive you around the Benz?

We were at Taipei’s 101 Shopping Mall, on the 4th floor where we discovered that there two new coffee shops and a Harper’s Bazaar exhibition with a very unusual exhibit. Pictured below… how would you like to drive one of these? Is it enough power to turn the ladies’ heads, John? This is my Moon Festival Car of… Read More »

Learning from your mistakes… Turning your ship around (Part 1)

A tale of how (NOT) to run your business into the ground ! I was inspired by this story from Emonitized: Mistaking your Way To Success. In other words, “why I don’t post so much right now!” I’m too busy… The article I mentioned lists some interesting ways to kill your business: * Overexpansion. * Poor capital structure.… Read More »

July 21st is here… time for a little break!

For those of you who noticed, and amid much apologies for not posting, I’m just letting you all know that Christine and I are taking a much needed break. I’ll be posting a few days’ behind for the next week or so as we won’t have continuously good access to the Internet, and sometimes I just want to… Read More »

Scooters & motorcycles: a good mode of transportation for Taipei!?

Taipei is full of motorcycles… absolutely choc-a-bloc with them. There are thousands of them, and at knocking off time, the streets are filled. It can be scary for car drivers to drive amongst them, but in all those thousands, I have never yet seen any Taiwan scooter with covers on it parked on the street ever. Switch to… Read More »

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Restaurant: Romano’s Macaroni Grill Address: 7F, 135, Min Sheng East Road, Sec.3 Taipei, Taiwan Telephone: (02) 2545-9999 Open: Sundays through Thursdays 11am to 11pm. Fridays and Saturdays 11am to midnight. Average meal: NT$750 (including beverage) per person Details: English menu and major credit cards accepted Full Review in Taipei Times. Note the location given on Google Maps as… Read More »