Matthew’s Choice Yogurt: Missing a little Comfort Food

By | April 30, 2014

Far from home, missing some decent yogurt? It happens when you’re abroad for a few weeks, months or years!


And actually Taiwanese don’t really do yogurt! You can find some in the local 7-11s, supermarkets or elsewhere. But it’s either very sweet (yuck!) or really low- or (no-) fat (can’t tell you how bad that is!)…

imageJust occasionally, you’ll find some nice tart, semi-sweetened yogurt like the one above (at least, I believe it’s unsweetened!) that actually is pretty good.

Matthew’s Choice Yogurt can be found at their stores (NT$268 for a tub) or in better supermarkets across the island! Now you might think that $9 is a lot for a tub of yogurt… and it is.

But it will help cover your homesickness until you go home, stop missing home, or just want a little home comfort!

Now I’d post a picture of my favorite way to eat this yogurt, with some fresh fruit, a little jam, or with cereal… but I ALWAYS forget to take a picture! I promise I’ll try!

Anyway, in Taipei, you can visit their stores in Tienmou: