Mary’s Hamburger / 茉莉漢堡: Reopened @ New Location

By | May 6, 2014

When the old location closed on Zhongshan North Road in 2012, somehow Tienmu seemed just a little less colorful to me, more suburban, than urban cool.

To my astonishment, Mary’s Burger reopened further down ChungShan North Road Section 6 (Tienmu) in September 2013! I must have walked past their store several times without realizing that it was the same store. (The news was widely reported in Google in Chinese, yet largely ignored by Bloggers, Expats, and everyone else!… NOT any more!)

Today, I went past, and I somehow remembered the Chinese characters for their name and how familiar they looked. But it’s much cleaner, prettier, and best of all…


Voila! It WAS the same store, same menu (as far as I could tell)! Same familiar face behind the counter. Now I said the same menu: I was able to order the same thing I love there

  • Jumbo Chili Dog,
  • French Fries &
  • Ice Tea (refreshingly no sugar)

I saw familiar friends on the menu, the same salads in the freezer (one of the places that actually makes a decent (albeit small) potato salad! I forgot to order their milkshake which is pretty good. Just have to go again (and again)!

So, those longing for a little taste of 1979, a much cleaner environment & familiar faces behind the counter, and the same great food… just go to …


  • No. 470, Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei.
  • Telephone No: 2871-4997
  • Reservations definitely not required
  • Budget/Nostalgia/Hungry Traveler Friendly Fare.