Guang Hua Computer Market

By | December 17, 2013

Computer Shopping in Taipei: Guang Hua Computer Market

Ever heard of the famous “Guang Hua Computer Market” in Taipei? Last week, we were driving along Civic Boulevard when, of all people, my wife noticed that the Guang Hua Computer Market had re-opened finally after years of rebuilding.


Picture uploaded by gaspar to Flickr. Usage permitted.

Gaspar’s photograph clearly shows the old Market place which was located next to and under the highway. The Taipei City government website describes in more detail the old market – link removed and I can’t find the new link for this story. Unfortunately, even in Taiwan, progress takes place and old things get torn down without much of a second thought! There were legitimate safety concerns about that cramped but popular marketplace!

In its place, the second (and temporary) market is described in this post by Taipei Gamer.

Then recently re-opened… the renovated (and relocated)  Guang Hua Computer Market is now pictured below!


Floor after floor of all the latest, cheapest, best… computer, video, and mobile phone gear that you could possibly want, desire, or dream about! Really! It’s amazing.

So now Taipei has three major computer malls and two major computer exhibitions (at least!): Nova at Taipei Station with four full floors of computers, printers, etc; K-Mall just next to the big department store Mitzukoshi opposite the Taipei Train Station; and now, Kuang Hua Market!

Of course, if you come in the winter for the IT Month in December at the World Trade Center, or in June for the Computex exhibitions, then you’ll likely find more PC stuff than you can shake a cable at.


Sorry about the slightly shaky images… the exposures weren’t so good on my camera…! Opinions vary on the pricing, range and product quality of PC gear available in Taiwan. I’ve bought a number of computer products over the years, and generally found that (apart from rock-bottom pricing which is a little iffy unless you KNOW what you’re buying) quality is decent if you stick to the better known names in the PC industry, especially those names that have significant OEM business. There is a well-known Chinese idiom that translates: “One Penny Buys Only One Penny’s Worth of Goods”… And local buyers usually know that very well! So when you’re shopping at the Guang Hua Market, you need to keep your eyes and ears open and your wallet closed! Other than that, you’ll be fine!