Gongliao Township

By | December 17, 2013

Traveling around the island on Provincial Route 2 takes you from Tamsui all the way around to Gongliao Township, then to Ilan. We’ve often driven the stretch from Tamsui to Jingshan or Keelung. Today we covered the stretch from Keelung to just south of Gongliao on the far center right.


We found some great places to stop off and marvel at the fantastic coastline. Also, the cloud cover was great, and the misty skies that are terrible for photographs today were to be found only in the very late part of the day as it clouded over. I’ll present some pictures taken along the way…


We marvelled at the setting sun, and took some wonderful pictures of the sky. I’d like to airbrush out those cars!


Yehliu is well known for its rock outcrops that resemble among other things the Queen’s head, but we stopped off at a place that isn’t well known but had some fantastic rocks, views and breeze that should be at least as well known. Thankfully it isn’t!


This trip you only get to us from behind! Sorry! Christine looking over the rocks out towards the Pacific Ocean, “Hello, Hawaii! Can you hear me?”


More Rocky Outcrops… Some of which look like giant bamboo shoots!


The village just near Gongliao Township and the Pitouchiao Trail.


We didn’t take as many pictures inside the trail, but I did snap these Lilium Formosan or “Formosan Lily”… Sorry this picture is a little blurry! The light was fading by this time.


A view across the bay towards the prettiest school view in Taiwan.


As we reached the top vantage point, it got really dark, and we were able to see the little village in the distance!


That was a great walk! I had to fool Christine to go up there because I told her the public toilets were nearby and open! She just thought they were a few minutes away… Hah! They were quite a walk to get to, and quite a walk back to the car!