Fulong Beach

By | December 17, 2013

Fulong Beach: Famous for its Beaches and Sunsets

Ever been to Fulong Beach near Keelung! It’s probably the most tropical beach in Northern Taiwan: clean, wide open sands, sea sports, clean, …, oh, and did I say clean? We took some wonderful sunset pictures.

You’ll notice the golden sands which are well tended and clean make this place a wonderful summer and autumn location to come and hang out in the sun. It is worth noting that the course of the river Shuang changes over time, and you may not see exactly the same sands pictured here!


And looking in the other direction.


Oh, and the water really had that glassy effect. This isn’t added by Photoshop or any other graphics software. I just love the way the water reflects the sky! It’s just an amazing effect. I’m sure sunrise would be just as beautiful, if only…

While it looks this serene in the evening, there are other times of the year when it’s crowded with tourists, concert goers, and more who drive from all over to get the events held here every summer.

The beach, in the summer, is host to the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, normally held in July for 3~5 days. Weather, of course, permitting.

Getting here

Getting here is slightly problematic as it is well away from the city, but visiting makes an attractive day trip from Taipei City, if you leave early enough.

You can: Take the train direct to Fulong Station, on the East Coast line. This is the most comfortable way, and perhaps the quickest from Taipei City itself. Or you can rent or borrow a scooter or car and drive this way yourself.

The roads will be crowded, dangerous and hot! If you don’t fancy that, you can take one of the 國光客運 or 大有巴士 bus services that run regularly down the coast.

Either way, you should visit during the Rock Concert if you like music, or during the summer at other times if you don’t. And if you don’t decide to stay locally, why not look at some of the favorably priced and comfortable hotels in Taipei. These are more suitable for tourists who have trouble with the local languages or who prefer better amenities and services.