2014 Taipei Jazz Festival July 19th and 20th

http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?p=1613554#p1613554 2014 Taipei Jazz Festival Concerts @ Da’an Park 7.19 Sat.15:00 One Piece – Kai-Ya Chang & Singers16:30 Our Piano Trio18:00 Alan Ferber Quartet20:00 David Smith & TIJEPA Jazz Groove Band 7.20 Sun.16:30 Clockfish Trio18:00 Deng-Rong Wu with Chi-Pin & Kai-Ya Jazz Quintet feat. John Ruocco and Mimi Verderame20:00 Gilad Dobrecky Quartet Workshop @ Reykjavik […]

Taiwan Startups $400 Million for New Businesses & Products

Just saw this story on Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-15/taiwan-plans-400-million-startup-fund-to-drive-post-pc-tech.html Taiwan Plans $400 Million Startup Fund to Drive Post-PC Tech Taiwan will open a fund with about $400 million to invest in startups to diversify the economy as its computer and electronic industries struggle amid greater competition. On the practical side of things,I came across an actual symposium […]

Mary’s Hamburger / 茉莉漢堡: Reopened @ New Location

When the old location closed on Zhongshan North Road in 2012, somehow Tienmu seemed just a little less colorful to me, more suburban, than urban cool. To my astonishment, Mary’s Burger reopened further down ChungShan North Road Section 6 (Tienmu) in September 2013! I must have walked past their store several times without realizing that […]